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Avanti Destinations | Fun in the Sun, the Australian Way!


A sublime year-round destination with a deeply diverse landscape that boasts seemingly endless offerings – from its wholly unique wildlife and its contrasting panoramas of beaches, alpine mountains, and desertic outback, to its cultural manifold full of influences from its colonial past, Indigenous communities, immigrant populace, and high traffic of worldwide visitors – Australia can be appreciated by any type of traveler. Backpackers flock here to discover its sprawling national parks, historians journey to unveil the fascinating markers within its cities, oenophiles visit to appreciate its full-bodied wines, ocean-lovers come to dive under its pristine waters, and romantic couples escape to soak up its enchanting beachside bliss.

Though Australia is optimal for any time of year and offers unique seasons that are direct opposites to those of the U.S., one of the most beloved times to travel is during our winter season – December through March – when Australia is experiencing its summertime peak. Imagine breaking away from the short, cold days of wintertime to rejoice in long, sunshiny summer days on the beaches of the Gold Coast or across the deserts of the Outback. Additionally, the holiday season of December brings an extra flare of merriment, with Christmas wreaths hanging on front doors, groups of carolers singing on the streets, beautiful light displays adorning the cities, and booming fireworks lighting up the skies during the New Year. Help your clients celebrate this holiday season the Australian way, while benefiting from its idyllic summertime climate! 

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